Bella Silver Non-Toxic, All Purpose Disinfectant Silver Ion Spray

Bella Silver Spray Uses:

*Silver Ion Ag+ Spray must be stored in a UV protected bottle/container to maintain integrity of solution 

Our Silver products come in a UV Protective container.

Personal Hygiene:

  • Hand sanitizer, under-arm & body odor; Mist to dampness; allow to dry
  • Acne killer; does not dry out skin; Spray liberally after cleansing face morning and night; allow to dry
  • Mouth wash, cold sores & mouth sores/cuts; mist to dampness; allow to dry or gargle with solution.
  • Athletes’ foot, foot odor, shoe odor; Mist to dampness; allow to dry
  • Cuts, abrasions, deep wounds, burns; Mist to dampness; allow to dry
  • Cancer sores; Mist cotton ball to dampness; place on affected area for a minute
  • Diaper rash, rashes; Mist to dampness; allow to dry

Athlete Applications:  Mist to dampness; allow to dry

  • Mat and gear cleaner, sterilizer and deodorizer
  • Weight benches & equipment, hanging bags, cage mats.
  • Heals cuts and wounds while preventing infections
  • Kills Ringworm, Staph, MERSA, Athletes’ Foot, Odor and rashes.

Personal Items:   Mist to dampness; allow to dry

  • Bandages, wounds, cuts, abrasions, stitches
  • Shoes, gloves, watch bands, headphones, handbags, hairbrushes, combs, children’s toys, hats, sweat bands, safe to spray on clothing: under arms, crotch etc.
  • Toothbrushes; especially while and after sickness, wash puffs
  • Sports gear (gloves, hand wraps, knee & elbow pads, gym bags, jock straps, helmets & head gear etc.)
  • Mouse & Keyboards, remote controls, cellphones, jewelry

Kids:  Mist to dampness; allow to dry

  • Toys, highchairs, bottles, pacifiers, hand sanitizer
  • Changing tables, shopping carts
  • Public toilet seats, bum cleaner if child dips to low in a toilet
  • Disinfectant for traveling; spray hotel tubs & bathroom before child bathes

Pets:   Mist to dampness; allow to dry

  • Hot spots, skin irritations, cuts, wounds; prevents/kills infection and speeds up healing
  • Eye infections and irritations
  • Odor, pet bedding, feeding bowls, teeth & gum spray
  • Stinky bums to prevent dogs from rubbing their bum off on the carpet

Bathroom:  Mist to dampness; allow to dry

  • Tiles, grout (dry), fixtures, shower walls & curtains/doors, doors, loofa sponges, toothbrushes, denture /mouth appliances, bathtubs, air purifier/odor remover
  • Toilet bowl – prevents scum build up, door handles, toilets, tubs

Kitchen:  Mist to dampness; allow to dry

  • Fruit & vegetable rinses, cut flower water, sponges, dish cloths, compost containers
  • Kitchen counters, cutting boards, garbage disposals, wastebaskets, dishwater and all cleaning and mopping solutions, knives used on raw meats
  • Door handles, dog/pet feeding bowls

Clothing:   Mist to dampness; allow to dry

  • Washable clothes (especially important in public laundries!)
  • Soak stinky clothing before washing to remove odor
  • Dry-cleanable clothing (spray on armpits of coats, jackets, dresses, suits, sweaters etc to reduce odor and extend use between dry-cleanings)

Travel/Camping/Hunting:   Mist to dampness; allow to dry

  • Motel/Hotel (light switches, doorknobs, bathrooms, tubs & showers)
  • Rental car (steering wheel, door handles, controls)
  • Ice chest, clothing, tents, sleeping bags, camping storage containers

Other:   Mist to dampness; allow to dry

  • Door handles, Rugs, vacuum cleaners, carpets, drapes, wallpaper, drywall, plywood (prevents mold & mildew)
  • Air conditioners (including automobile AC), humidifiers, evaporative coolers
  • Safe to use in C pap machines & at home breathing treatments for sick little ones; keeps them free of mildew and mold, prevents spread of bacteria and viruses
  • Household remotes and game controllers


  • Toilet reservoir-hang ball in tank to keep your toilet bowl clean
  • Ice chest, humidifiers, evaporative coolers, clean up and mopping solutions; place ball in water/solution
  • Laundry; place ball in washer for every load

Bella Silver (Ag+) Ion Spray is a natural, SAFE and effective, long lasting disinfectant beauty and lifestyle spray with unlimited use applications.

Bella Silver Ion Ag+ Spray is proudly Manufactured and Distributed by

Bella Moda Studio