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-AWARDED 2 U.S. PATENTS FOR OUR 3 Step System – Hair Loss Formula Patent #10,226,495

-UP Hair Growth System, Previously known as Volumique Solutions 3 Step Hair Growth -Anti Loss System – is derived from some of the latest advances in Cancer and Wound Care treatment.

-Clinical studies have proven it’s 45% MORE EFFECTIVE AT STOPPING HAIR LOSS than Minoxidil (and products containing Minoxidil like Rogaine, Lipogaine, Nutrastim etc) and  51% MORE EFFECTIVE AT CREATING FAST NEW HAIR GROWTH! 

-Our hair growth system is so effective that it stops hair loss in over 90% of users within 30 days when all 3 steps are used together, at least 3 times per week.

-UP Hair Growth System is paraben, sulfate, silicone and dairy free. It contains NO animal byproducts.  And one of our review doctors said it was safe enough to drink! (but gross!)

-When our 3-piece system is used consecutively for 6 months it’s shown to make your entire head of hair 35% thicker & fuller AND makes it grow 25-30% faster!

-The 3-piece systems stimulates new hair growth resulting in noticeably longer, thicker hair in 6-12 weeks, but most notice some increased volume within the first month.

You DO NOT have to be losing hair for this system to effectively increase hair growth and thickness

-Effective for ALL types of hair & all types of hair loss including premature balding, genetics, aging, chemical burns/scalp injury, stress, hereditary hair loss & thinning, hormones, over-treated/damaged hair & DISEASE!!  (Including, but not limited to: Lupus, thyroid issues, chemotherapy patients, hashimoto disease, alopecia & gastric bypass patients, to name a few of the major contributors to hair loss.)

-90-Day money back guarantee applies if used as a set, at least 3 times a week for 90 days and you do not see a stop to hair loss.  

We are the only place you can purchase the 3 Step UP Hair Growth System backed by a 90 Day Money Back – Hair Loss Guarantee. See guarantee page for details.

Hair growth typically takes several months of consistent use and becomes more effective the longer you use it.

-The only hair loss product on the market with ZERO side effects.

-When used as a 3-piece system it stops 90% of hair loss in 4 weeks, while adding increased volume to your hair.

-The 3-piece system should be used together and can/should replace your current shampoo & conditioner regimen.

-Ongoing use is suggested to sustain results. Results increase with prolonged use.

-Safe for use on colored and treated hair, perms, extensions, pregnant women & children. (Safe enough to ingest with no harmful side effects-though it won’t taste good!!)

-Something to consider if you have dry or chemically treated hair: Due to the nature of this product being for hair growth AND immediate noticeable Volume for those with thin or thinning hair, there isn’t a ton of moisture added to our formula because of the way it can weigh down thin hair. If you struggle with dry hair you can add a deep conditioner to the length of your hair at the same time you’re conditioning your scalp with the UP Conditioner.  Let both conditioners sit in your hair while bathing/shaving for added moisture. Alternatively or additionally, you can use a leave in conditioner, applying it to the length of your hair after washing and towel drying your hair.  It is fine to use any styling products you currently use on your hair as well. The important thing to remember is to insure our products go on your scalp first so they can work without any interference.

-Effective for both men & women, ALL ages.

-Works on fine, thin and thinning hair as well as all other hair types.

-Sold in Doctors Offices

Unless you have gone COMPLETELY bald, this system will work for you.

-20,000+ happy customers and counting.

-You can purchase the set with our without Step 4 – PumpUP previously known as Boost Volumizing Spray 8 oz.

PLEASE Note: With our products less is more and a little goes a long way in terms of quantity used each time.  BUT Please understand the frequency of use is a large determining factor in your results.  More frequent, consistent use will provide you more notable results, faster.  Time frames provided are all based on using 2-3 pumps of each product, 3 times per week but does vary depending on your length of hair and personal use.

  • 8 oz. Set lasts 1-2 months
  • 32 oz. Set lasts 5-6 months


-Contains a DHT prohibitor to relieve stress in the scalp.

-Contains an anti-inflammatory to reduce inflammation caused by DHT, the main cause of hair loss.

-Contains a vasodilator to increase blood flow to the cell bed & Papilla

-Contains a cell regenerator responsible for the production of new Collagen, Laminins and Keratin proteins to counter the damage of DHT.

-Builds new tissue (Fibroblasts)

-Contains a blood vessel expander which allows blood flow to the new tissue growth areas and keeps it alive.

With our  Exclusive 90-day hair loss, money-back guarantee, the only thing you have to lose, is your hair!!