Up Hair Growth System Results previously Volumique Hair Growth solution

How To Use

1. Cleanse your hair with GroUP Shampoo (Step 1) Only 2-3 pumps needed. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if desired.

2. Follow with ExtendUP Conditioner (Step 2) Only 2-3 pumps needed. Massage the conditioner through your scalp and hair starting at the roots and making your way to the ends. Allow the conditioner to remain on hair while you bathe/shave to allow a few minutes for increased absorption. Rinse thoroughly. You can repeat if desired but not necessary.

NOTE: if you struggle with dry hair you can add a deep conditioner to the length of your hair at the same time you’re conditioning your scalp with the UP Conditioner and let it sit in your hair while bathing/shaving for added moisture. Alternatively, you can use a leave in conditioner applying it to the length of your hair after showering and towel drying hair.

3. Towel dry hair. Apply 2-3 pumps of RiseUP (Step 3-Scalp formula) into your hand, rub hands together and apply hands directly to scalp massaging your scalp for a minute to stimulate hair follicles.

4. Use a minimum of 3 times per week, but great for daily use which will create faster results.

5. Optionally: Spray PumpUP (Step 4) generously on towel dried hair from roots to ends and underneath the top layer.

6. Blow dry hair upside down and style as usual. (can be used daily)

PLEASE Note: With our products less is more and a little goes a long way in terms of quantity used each time. BUT Please understand the frequency of use is a large determining factor in your results. More frequent, consistent use will provide you more notable results, faster.

Time frames provided are all based on using 2-3 pumps of each product, 3 times per week but does vary depending on your length of hair and personal use.

• 8 oz. Set lasts 1-2 months
• 32 oz. Set lasts 5-6 months