Explore the facts:  

  • Volumique is paraben & sulfate free.
  • When used as a 3-piece system it stops 90% of hair loss in 21 days or less while adding increased volume to your hair.
  • When our 3-piece system is used consecutively for 6 months it’s shown to make your entire head of hair 35% thicker & fuller AND makes it grow 25-30% faster!
  • The 3-piece systems stimulates FAST new hair growth resulting in noticeably longer, thicker hair in 6-10 weeks, but you’ll feel the difference in your hair within the first month.
  • You do NOT have to be losing hair for this system to effectively increase hair growth and thickness.
  • The 3-piece system should be used together and  can/should replace your current shampoo & conditioner regimen.
  • Ongoing use is suggested to sustain results. Results increase with prolonged use.
  • 30-Day money back guarantee applies if used as a set, at least 3 times a week for at least 21 days.
  • The only hair loss product on the market with ZERO side effects.
  • Safe for use on colored and treated hair, pregnant women & children.
  • Effective for both men & women, ALL ages.
  • Works on fine, thin and thinning hair.
  • Sold in Doctors Offices
  • Proven 45% more effective than Minoxidil & products containing Minoxidil (Rogaine, Lipogaine, Nutrastim etc.) and over 51% more effective at creating new hair growth.
  • Unless you have gone COMPLETELY bald, this system will work for you.
  • 20,000+ happy customers and counting.
  • Our Hair Care Products can currently be shipped to the USA, Mexico & Canada.
  • This product ships out within 24 business hrs, 3-5 day priority shipping.
  • You can purchase the set with our without Step 4 -Boost Volumizing Spray 8 oz.


  • Contains a DHT prohibitor to relieve stress in the scalp.
  • Contains an anti-inflammatory to reduce inflammation caused by DHT, the main cause of hair loss.
  • Contains a vasodilator to increase blood flow to the cell bed & Papilla
  • Contains a cell regenerator responsible for the production of new Collagen, Laminins and Keratin proteins to counter the damage of DHT.
  • Builds new tissue (Fibroblasts)
  • Contains a blood vessel expander which allows blood flow to the new tissue growth areas and keeps it alive.

With our 30-day money back guarantee, the only thing you have to lose, is your hair!!