We want to be apart of your success story!

We’re offering each one of you, a FREE 8oz 3-piece set of our Volumique Hair Growth System to be apart of your hair growth journey!

How does this work?

  1. Simply make your purchase of any size 3-Piece Volumique Hair Growth Set.
  2. Then watch for our email to “subscribe” to our Progress Picture Promotion OR email us (info@bellamodastudio.com) that you would like to enter the promotion.  We’ll send you an email requesting your “before pictures” with the picture specifications detailed below (including picture examples) and you’ll be entered into our “Progress Picture Promotion”
  3. Then, continue to use our Volumique 3 step treatment consistently, in place of your current shampoo & conditioner a minimum of 3 times per week all year long! (can be used daily for ultimate results)  And make your subsequent purchases as outlined below.
  4. We’ll email you a reminder to send in your picture updates 3 different times throughout the year.
  5. Simply reply to each of our email reminders with your current front and back hair photo, (under the same picture guidelines stated below) while continuing to use Volumique.
  6. At your one year anniversary, after sending in the final pictures, we’ll send you a coupon to order your 8oz 3 pc Set of Volumique COMPLETELY FREE INCLUDING SHIPPING as a thank you for letting us be apart of your hair growth journey!!

It’s that simple!

Picture guidelines:

  • Pictures should be taken with the same hair style each time. (Preferably straightened hair if possible which is the easiest way to tell growth/length.)
  • If you have dark hair please insure the top you are wearing is light and vice versa, to have a clear color contrast where your hair doesn’t blend into the background or clothing.
  • Pictures should be taken against a wall or solid background.
  • Standing up straight with good posture in all pictures.
  • Please have someone take these photos for you. Selfies and mirror pictures are hard to compare to future progress pictures.
Front picture: Straight directly forward facing photo showing full top of head to mid torso up or so, with all hair in front of shoulders (if long enough) to see the full length and thickness of the hair.
Back picture: Same straight back view showing all hair in back of shoulders, if it’s long enough.
ALSO: If you have any areas of thinning or baldness then take direct pictures of those also. (We’ll include examples of pictures in the email we send when you request to enter)

Start using Volumique today and jumpstart your hair growth now!

The only thing you have to lose is your hair!

Rules of participation:

  • By sending us pictures you are consenting to allow us to use these pictures (anonymously) on our website, for marketing and any other business related purposes at our discretion.
  • 4 photo updates, in the format we’ve described, are required to receive the free set (one set of before pictures, and 3 progress picture updates of front, back and thin areas if you have them)
  • You are only required to send in the photo updates when we email you and prompt you for the photo, SO please read our emails to insure you don’t miss a required update!
  • You must consistently use our 3 piece Volumique set, a minimum of 3 times a week for an entire year.
  • A minimum of  4 purchases of the Volumique 3 piece set  is required over the year OR a combination of 3 set purchases including 2 of the 32 oz sets.)
  • We’ll email you within 72 business hours on your 1 year anniversary, after the final progress pictures have been received thanking your for letting us be apart of your hair growth journey and provide the coupon for you to redeem for your free 8 oz Volumique set including free shipping!!!
  • Free coupon code must be redeemed  within 30 days.